Going the Distance: The Arizer ArGo

I’m just loving my Arizer ArGo Herb Vape which is a portable conduction hybrid vaporizer, made by a Canadian company called Arizer Tech. It also makes the Arizer Air 2, Air, Solo 2, Solo, and the most-sought desktop vaporizer, Extreme-Q. I love the compact design, featuring a replaceable battery system and offering a full temperature spectrum. One major drawback is its short vapor path if the device is not cleaned properly, creating warmer temperatures and drawing resistance ramping up just after a few sessions.  

After a couple of months testing this device, I can honestly say that it’s one of the best portable herb vaporizers released in the last couple of years. The Arizer ArGo Herb Vape has basically everything I want in an herb vaporizer with minimal downsides. Allow me to share this honest to goodness full product review before you look for Arizer Vaporizers for sale. 


Size and Portability  

I personally put a big value on a vaping device overall size and portability. I engage in active outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and skiing, so I need a vape that suits my lifestyle. For me, it is really important to have a vaporizer that can be easily put in the pocket and hide for discretion. 

I find the Arizer ArGo Herb Vape as one of the most portable vaporizers that I’ve ever tested. Literally, I can palm this unit to conceal for discretion. In addition, the new design of this vaporizer allows the mouthpiece to be totally concealed for my on the go use. My older Arizer units were too tall to comfortably fit inside my pockets which has been resolved by the ArGo. It is not as light as compared to the Pax 3 (weight: 93 grams) but at 135 grams it is still one of the lighter portable vaporizers in the market today. 


Design and Build Quality  

When it comes to the build quality, all Arizer Vaporizers For Sale are outstanding. I think they’re built like tanks because they have good long-term track records in terms of reliability. The housing is smooth. It feels great in my hands. Although the display is nothing special, it works well and the buttons are providing a good feedback. Also, you can easily access and replace the battery.  

A consistent downside on all Arizer’s previous models were the long exposed glass stems. These did not work out well with my active lifestyle. The new stem can be concealed completely and more suitable in the pocket.  


Heating, Vapor Path, and Temperature Options  

The Arizer ArGo utilizes a conduction or convection hybrid heating method, which is basically similar with the Solo 2 and Air 2. With the heat up time of about 60 seconds, it’s a bit slower than I usually prefer, most especially when I’m trying to obtain a quick session. However, it is not that bad at all. In fact, this is one of the most portable vaporizers in its category, with the 30-second pre-heat range. 

While the stems can be annoying at times, they’re also great for flavorful and smooth rips. I generally prefer the feel of a glass stem as compared to plastic and its neutral taste that most portable vaporizers use.  I must admit, I enjoy the vapor production and natural taste from my Arizer ArGo unit. Just a reminder, this vaporizer may produce slightly warmer temperatures over the Solo 2 and Air 2 because of its shorter vapor path. However, you can buy an extended mouthpiece as needed. 

When it comes to temperature options, the Arizer ArGo Vape offers a full temperature ranging from 122 to 428 degrees Fahrenheit, and it is fully customizable. The temperature buttons are located on the device directly and easy to set. The temperature reading is easy to read. However, this device vaping doesn’t come with a haptic feedback feature which would be a great addition.


Chamber Information and Draw Resistance 

The ArGo chamber can hold 0.15 grams of material depending on your packing style and grind preference. I like a coarse grind and lightly packed but full herbs. I like using a jar container, just dipping the stem into my favorite herbs and filling the bowl, no stirring required.  

It is very important to clean out the chamber or stem every after a vaping session. I use a brush when cleaning out the chamber and while it is still hot. Allowing the herbs to cool and settle may increase the draw resistance.  


Battery Information 

The ArGo vaporizer has a replaceable and rechargeable battery (3.7v 3400mah, size 18650). The average battery life is 90 minutes that can last 7 to 8 bowls. This battery life is more than enough for my outdoor trips and adventures. However, if you’re planning to have a multi-day camping trip, it is best to pack extra batteries. You can charge this vape via USB and works with an external battery. When it comes to the charging time, it is roughly 3.5 hours via USB. 


Cleaning and Maintenance 

The Arizer ArGo Herb Vaporizer is easy to maintain, allowing you to stay on top of the cleaning regimen. I use isopropyl alcohol for cleaning, letting them sit for a bit and then rinsing them off with warm water.


What Comes in the Box of Arizer ArGo Herb Vape 

  • ArGo Portable Vaporizer 
  • 18650 3.7V 3400mAh Replaceable/Rechargeable Battery 
  • ArGo Glass Stems (2) 
  • USB Charger and Power Adapter 
  • Belt-Clip Carrying Case 
  • Silicone Stem Caps (2) 
  • Stirring Tool 
  • Screens (4) 
  • Owners Manual 


The extra accessories I recommend is an extended stem. That is if you want a longer vapor path for a cooler vapor. A longer stem is very useful if you like to stick to higher temperatures. 


Final Thoughts 

The Arizer ArGo Herb Vape is a portable and easy to use vaporizer wherein your favorite herb can be happily consumed. Although there is a major downside when it comes to drawing resistance, this is completely manageable with regular cleaning. The best features include its replaceable batteries, full-temperature spectrum, on-vape display, easy to use, and pocket-friendly!